First Name :   Michael
Comment :   Cheers Dave! Have a great weekend!

First Name :   Desiree
Comment :   Dave rocks the planet. Without folks like him us guitarists wouldnt be able to do what we do. Keep rockin!! and building! Desiree

First Name :   larry
Comment :   Was surprised at how cool dave was. Very knowledgable in his field. Was able to fix my 2:100 Mesa properly. Highly

First Name :   John Joyce
Comment :   Dave fixed my mesa stiletto deuce overnight!! I use it 5 nights a week. I dropped it off on Monday at 5:00pm he called me back on
tues at 9:00 am, went to pick it up and my sound was BACK!!!! Great job!!!! Johnny 5 Sweet Spot

First Name :   Walt
URL :   
Comment :   Dave has done work on new and vintage amps of mine. I cant thank him enough for the honest and generous treatment . I never
pass up an opportunity to recommend his services to anybody.

First Name :   Jason
URL :   
Comment :   My Mig 60 died and Dave brought it back to life. He went through the whole amp and diagnosed the bad output transformer. I
had the parts delivered to him and he repaired it in a timely manner and at a great price. Thanks Again Dave! I really appreciate it

First Name :   Phill
URL :   
Comment :   I just modded my Crate V33 2-12 using a tone mode kit. All I can say is WOW!! Night and day difference. The OD channel is
actually usable now. Well worth it!