First Name :   gary
Comment :   thanks dave, my 70,s marshall and my solid state kustom 100 sound like new, fast and reasonable,even sends pics of work in
progress,thanks gary...broke mojo blues band

First Name :   George Carr
Comment :   Hey Dave this is my e-mail(I am George with the 79 Ampeg Blue Stripe Amp) Okay got it good!

First Name :   PJ
URL :   
Comment :   Hello Dave, Thank you for fixing my Marshall JCM 2000 dsl 100(the rats nest!) After several updates by Dave he brought the amp
from lame to in your face !!!,I can play everything from rock to brutal death metal ! thanks again Dave.

First Name :   Mark
URL :   
Comment :   Great service and fast turnaround time. My Fender Deluxe has not sounded this good in years. Thanks Dave!

First Name :   leon
Comment :   blue on blue is hard to read.great resource

First Name :   Steve
URL :   
Comment :   Purchased the V18 preamp mod kit for my V18. Wow! What a difference. Fast shipping as well. Thankyou! Steve

First Name :   Jerry
URL :   
Comment :   Hey. Thanks Again Dave for all your time and prompt shipping.. Bought My first Tube Amp..( Crate V33 ) seen the mod Kit.. and
WOW!! what a difference.. Was worth my time putting it in..4-2-2011 North Carolina

First Name :   Jim
URL :   
Comment :   Thanks Dave.Great mod kit for Crate V50.The V50 now sounds like my 66 pro reverb.Your easy to install kit and a speaker
change{lil texas neo].awesome!Thanks again.....

First Name :   Joe
URL :   
Comment :   I picked up a marshall 4100 on a whim, hated it,called Dave and ordered his preamp kit. an hour later, parts installed, diodes
removed,this amp is now a keeeper. It actually has tone! no buzzsaw distortion. thans dave!

First Name :   Jeff
URL :   
Comment :   Dave is the man. He has been my go to guy for a few years now and I will continue to turn to him when amps need service. You wont
be disappointed.

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